Friday, July 31, 2009

shooting in silhoutte..

location : ladang lemboo upm,serdang

description : loved to shooting in silhoutte during sunset..

models : chemical eng's female students
potoman : shahid dila me


tunggu model yg lambat cam..

shahid n dila with their new babies

green matters

myself in reflection of sunny's mirror

me & mardiana sat on the fence

models moved to the peak of ladang lemboo

silhoutte 1

ana gestured in front of photograper

sun is within my power!!

silhoutte 2

arfah posed in front of models

ana posed with her new holcim umbrella

models discussed about the pics

time to go back

sudah maghrib.. buka pose

waiting for a night to come


BBQ, Yeay!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


UPM has been undersiege by influenza last..
after Uitm, Poli, Secondary,primary,
4 Student in K10 , 5 in K11, were identified as H1N1 positive..
So,with sudden, Upm Annouced that mid sem holiday will be starting today,
28 to 4,
instead of 14 ogos..haha
and students need to evacuated from kolej before 6pm
there were traffic jammed..
they panicked..
like there is gonna start the world war 3..(O_O)
i dunno whether to stayed here or not..
blurred plus many things to do..
acttually, tmrw our grup have discssn with SV..
to present them abt our simulation
my simulation didnt work well..
then came this selesema babi..
n the meeting postponed..
thanks babi..
because delayed my minutes!!!


Monday, July 27, 2009


emm want to change layout la..
sebab gambar kecik sangat, xpuas ati tengok..
ambek mase nak cek coding die..
pics kene la besa2, bru cantik sket..
macam mana ya?
anyone knows? :P


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saat Genting..Episod pertama

kumpulan pemisah puak kiri, the moshimoshi, were sent a team for the vacation 3-Days 2-Night in genting highlands during previous semester. the unidentified report said, the vacation were an immediate responded due to the failure of the moshimoshi to joined a vacation with
NACEGO (National Chemical Engineers For Gurls Only). A special team consist of 5 members, 1 Mastermind, 1 Troublemaker, 1 General Brigadier and 2 Negotiator were arrived in night-time. - Bernama

pergi during night memang best..bila sampai ader satu selekoh kat genting, boleh nampak bangunan2 genting tersergam dikelilingi awan dan di bawah awan tu boleh nampak jalan2 selekoh menjalar ke atas awan..macam kayangan seh..

sampai terminal bas,bas pon berhenti n bas pon bukak la pintu.. angin sejuk die trus masuk dalam bas serta merta...sejuk memang sejuk..baru ak tau rase sejuk macm maner...

aku gementar bila sampai ker lobi hotel, utk cek in..ader orang kate xleh bawak sampai 5 org la, boleh bawa satu kampung la..last last boleh rupenya duduk ramai2 dalam satu bilik..



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